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Q. When should I buy a new mattress?

A. Every eight to ten years. If your bed is stained, torn, or sagging, it’s time to start looking for something new.

Q. How do I comparison shop when the model names differ from store to store?

A. Look for benefits. If you know how to get the features you need from the construction of the mattress, that is the most important thing. When you shop, look for your comfort preference.

Q. How do I know which firmness I need?

A. It’s a personal choice. A firm bed does not always offer the most support. The best is one that evenly distributes your weight.

Q. My partner moves around a lot in the night, which mattress can help with this?

A. First off, make sure your mattress is big enough for both of you. Then, look into a mattress specifically designed for motion transfer, such as a Beautyrest or BackCare.

Q. How can I enhance the lifetime of my mattress?

A. Invest in a good quality mattress with a foundation, cover and mattress pad.

A comfortable night's sleep.

A comfortable night's sleep.

Simmons mattresses feature the finest in coil technology. Here are a few of the things that let you sleep better at night.

1. 8″ coils. We use coils that are taller than the pockets themselves. All of the coils are pre-compressed to fit in the patented pockets. This ensures greater comfort, stability and support.

2. NON-FLIP, you never need to flip your mattress again.

3. Tapered shape – for a smaller conformability surface. This is more responsive, and contours better to your body.

4. A broad stability base – to minimize motion transfer.

5. A wider comfort contour, to guarantee the highest degree of cradling.

Find the 8″ Hi-Profile Evolution NON-FLIP Pocket Coil in all Simmons Beautyrest and Backcare mattresses. The 7″ Evolution NON-FLIP Pocket Coil is featured in all BackCare and Dreamscapes mattresses.

Patented Pocket Coils

Patented Pocket Coils

Simmons has been making quality mattresses since 1925, when it introduced the first Beautyrest mattress, featuring the patented pocket coil. It immediately became one of the most popular mattresses of all time.

The secret is in the pocket coils. No other mattress can compare to the patented technology. Three coils are woven together for increased strength and durability. Nestled within individual pockets, they ensure that there is never any motion transfer between partners.

After all, the good life should continue for 24 hours a day.


We are now having our Mismatched Sale. If you are looking for a mattress in Vancouver and possibly a different bottom, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Our mattress Vancouver sale is offering beds up to 55% off. You can walk out of here with one of our $999 Beautyrests. But hurry, supply is limited and the beds are going fast.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

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