Vancouver's Famous Cherry Blossoms

How do we know spring is here in British Columbia?

The rain is incessant, the cherry blossoms are out and we are forced to lose an hour of sleep to daylight savings.

That hour missed could still be haunting you five days later and often it is a week before our body catches up with the lost time.

It is a similar experience to jet-lag, when we make the ‘unnatural’ motion to cross the globe in an airplane and touchdown in a different time zone. We often feel groggy and out of touch for at least two or three days.

There have actually been studies done that show a spike in traffic accidents the Monday after daylight savings.

So how do we get back on schedule?

The most direct way is to go to sleep an hour earlier, for at least the first two days.

Another method is to improve your sleeping conditions for the week after daylight savings. This could be as simple as limiting your morning sleep distractions. One way to accomplish this is by ensuring that the blinds or curtains in your bedroom block out the most amount of morning sunlight.

If you’re getting up before dawn, try to set your clock at the maximum snooze count, so you receive the most undisturbed rest possible.

Still not satisfied?

Maybe it’s time for a new mattress.

Spring is all about starting fresh. Rid yourself of your old bed and discover the comfort of a Simmons mattress.

A Simmons can’t give you your hour back, but it can offer you the finest in pocket-coil technology.

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