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The way you sleep at night may speak volumes about your personality.

This is a theory put forward by Professor Chris Idzikowski, a sleep research specialist for both the US and the European Sleep Research Societies.

Of the many positions you assume in the night, Idzikowski has identified six common poses as being indicative of certain personality traits.

1. The Fetus Position (curled up with your knees towards your chest)

  • Idzikowski found that individuals who would appear tough in public, but had a softer, gentler side beneath the surface normally adopted this position. His research showed that of all the positions available, this position was favoured most by his test subjects.

2. The Log (lying on your side with your arms and legs pointing towards the end of the bed)

  • Individuals who were often easy-going assumed this position. Idzikowski also found that people who lie like logs are often successful in social settings.

3. The Soldier (lying on your back in a pose that looks like a soldier at attention)

  • The ‘soldier’ sleepers were generally found to be quiet and reserved. He also noted that many of these individuals had high standards of themselves and others.

4. The Yearner (lying on your side with your arms straight out and your legs pointed down)

  • These individuals often had firm beliefs that were unlikely to change.

5. The Freefall (lying on your front, arms around your pillow, with your head to one side)

  • Idzikowski found that his subjects who struck this pose would often object to criticism. They were also wary of extreme conditions.

6. Starfish (lying on your back with your arms back behind your head holding the pillow)

  • This was the least common position adopted by Idzikowski’s volunteers. The traits that were similar with these individuals were compassionate listening and an avoidance of attention.

So take this little list and as you and your partner fall asleep on your new Simmons Beautyrest, take a second to see what position they assume. Does their personality it match their pose?

Share your answers with us and receive two free pillows with your next purchase of a Simmons mattress at Simmons Mattress Gallery.


After a four and a half year relationship, your man finally popped the question. It took you less than five seconds (he’ll say it was more like the longest minute of his life) to give him an answer.

Now you’ve set the date, you’ve widdled down the guest list, you’ve hired a wedding planner and you rented the hall.

Your next task is creating a gift list.

Our recommendation, “Suggest a new bed.” It will be the most useful gift you receive.

The truth is, you’ve slept on your tired out mattress for too many years. A new marriage is a fresh start to a relationship. Ditch the old has been and embrace a sleeping foundation that will provide years of comfort, fun, pain relief and hours, upon hours of undisturbed sleep.

Your intimate moments are poised to climb to new levels, so enjoy them in comfort. You also may be expecting a little one in the not-so-distant future. Finding significant rest will now become priority number one.

And finally, we probably don’t need to mention it, but just in case-choose the largest size mattress that fits comfortably into your bedroom. There is nothing romantic about squeezing onto a twin. You both need your space. Trust us.

So go with the mattress professionals and suggest Simmons Mattress Gallery. Feel free to visit us beforehand and test-drive the models you are considering. It will be a nice break from licking envelopes.

“‘. . . and clover, over and over / Crimson and clover, over and over. . .’

The sweet melody of Tommy James and the Shondells suddenly fills my bedroom. It’s 6:45 and it’s time to rise and shine. Well, at least rise.

There will be no visible shine until after a shower and two cups of coffee. And even then it will be more of flicker than a shine.

My clock radio has been performing its duties since the mid 90’s, a solid timepiece with a speaker as scratchy as an apartment intercom. But it’s not the sound quality that saves it from the trash; it’s the little clock’s reliability.

It’s never failed me. Not once. I may have forgotten to set it and for that I take full responsibility. But when I have punched my desired digits, it’s executed its task beautifully.

Some of you may rely on a significant other for a morning nudge. But I warn you, be careful, human error is unavoidable. She may promise you that she’ll pull off the sheets right at 7:00, but if her sister calls from New York and they get chatting, you might become an afterthought. Try explaining to your boss how Liza’s new man made you miss the performance meeting.

Then there are those of you who sleep with the curtains open to the east, ready for the sunrise to wake you softly from your slumber. This method is fairly inefficient, especially in the cloud cave of Vancouver. But if your granola can wait, who am I to tell you to abandon your faith in Ra.

And then there are the ‘lucky’ few of you who are able to wake naturally, right at the desired time. To you, I offer my condolences. For you, my friend, are the product of unconscious stress. Your body releases a hormone called adrenocorticotropin, as a product of your anxiety. You may feel privileged to be free of an alarm, but your nervous nature has your internal clock in a full mount. Try releasing some of that stress to free you from subconscious submission.

No, the best way, I figure, is to partner with a simple bedside box. You set it and forget about it; confident it will perform its task in the morning.

Just remember to add a nine-volt battery in case the power fails.”

Old Faithful

The most romantic day of the year is upon us and Cupid has a message for you: “Flowers, candy and candles may set the mood, but it will be your mattress that supports the passion.”

When the wine is done and you’ve caught a cab back home, the action will inevitably move to the bedroom. Your bed will provide the setting for the evening’s physical activities.

We at Simmons Mattress Gallery want to make sure that you are properly equipped with a mattress suitable for fulfilling your desires.

If you intend to stage your exploits on an older mattress, you are probably neglecting you and your partner’s comfort. Worn coils make for lumpy mattresses. No one wants to lie on lumps and discomfort is an unneeded distraction. We want your head in the game, not focused on the bumps in the bed.

Buying a brand new Simmons mattress ensures comfort.  Our unique non-flip pocket coil design cradles your body’s weight. With an even surface of comfort, you will be able to roll seamlessly from one side of the bed to the other.

As well, old noisy springs are romance killers. They may seem amusing some nights, but really, besides being uncomfortable, they offer an unneeded soundtrack to your intimate moments. You want to be able to express yourself with your voice not a creak.

Finally, for the more advanced frolickers, our mattresses will supply the support needed for any position your imagination can conjure.

We may not be able to light the candles or write you a poetic verse, but we can outfit you with a mattress that will provide the comfort, silence and support needed for your bedroom adventures. Be safe and enjoy your nights on a Simmons from Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Stress and exhaustion are a difficult cocktail mix to swallow. Turning off your brain for a full eight hours of sleep may at times seem nearly impossible. The easy answer to this problem may come in the form of a capsule or pill, a small, easily accessible drug to knock you out.

But before you start popping pills to induce sleep, you should be made aware of the possible problems with prescription and non-prescription sleeping aids.

The most serious concern is developing a dependency to an artificial stimulant. The more you use a drug to fall asleep, the more your body will crave that easy answer.

As well, over time, the effectiveness of any drug wears off. This will force you to increase the amount your body needs to achieve the initial results that the pill offered.

Another concern is having prescription or non-prescription drugs lying around your house. Sleep medication can be deadly for children who might mistake the pills for candy. Keeping your pills locked in a medicine cabinet is imperative. If you do not have a safe place to store the drugs then you should not be bringing them into your house.

If you are still planning on using a chemical stimulant to induce sleep there are a few guidelines you should remember:

1. Always follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer or pharmacist.

2. Make sure your doctor and a family member or partner is aware of the drugs you are taking.

3. Never mix sleeping pills with other pills or beverages such as alcohol that slow the nervous system.

4. Never operate machinery or drive a vehicle after taking a sleeping pill.

Finding alternatives to prescription and non-prescription drugs may be the best option for your body and your family. Simple products like chamomile tea have long been known to induce sleep. Reading before bed can also help your mind slow down to a pace that is ready for rest.

Another great option is a quick yoga stretch. Yoga works on both your mind and your body. Prolonged stretches help create a state of relaxation appropriate for sleeping.

But the best alternative is comfort. If you are not comfortable when you lie down after a hard day, then you will never receive the rest you need. A new mattress may be the key ingredient to fixing your sleep anxiety.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we will work with you to find a mattress that provides you with the most amount of natural comfort possible. This will put your body and mind in a state appropriate for extended sleep.

Don’t become dependent on a pill for your rest. Fall asleep on a Simmons with no added side effects and wake up refreshed.

Check out our new website: Mattress Vancouver.


Simmons Mattress Gallery Has a New Website


It is one thing to have a comfortable bed, and a whole other thing to have  comfortable shopping experience. Buying a bed should be a pleasant, enjoyable experience. You can get some Simmons mattresses in other stores, but only Simmons Mattress Gallery has the full breadth of selection, and the relaxing environment to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one.

Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black

The Beautyrest Black has chartered new territory. By inventing a pocket coil that is 8” long, it is able to offer greater comfort, stability and support than ever before by ensuring that it is pre-compressed, to offer precise contouring to every inch of your body, all the while reducing ‘motion transfer’ from your partner. To top it off, the pocket coils are joined together, to guarantee you a great night’s sleep.

8" pocket coil

8" pocket coil

We are now having our Mismatched Sale. If you are looking for a mattress in Vancouver and possibly a different bottom, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Our mattress Vancouver sale is offering beds up to 55% off. You can walk out of here with one of our $999 Beautyrests. But hurry, supply is limited and the beds are going fast.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

Now you can join us on Facebook as well.

There are several advantages to being a fan of Simmons Mattress Gallery on Facebook.

You will be the first to find out about new deals and discounts. And as a fan, you get special privileges.

Starting today, if you buy any Beautyrest bed from Simmons Mattress Gallery, and you mention that you are a Facebook fan, you will receive TWO FREE PILLOWS.

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