The White Stripes have released a new documentary chronicling their 2007 Canadian tour.

The film, entitled “Under Great White Northern Lights,” is a mixture of interviews and concert footage and is showing in limited release across Canada.

Meg and Jack White left the comfort of their own beds to travel to every province and territory in our great nation to play small intimate venues in areas where few rock acts venture. As a bonus to their fans, the Stripes played a short free show at each of the cities they stopped in. Locations ranged from a bowling alley to a fishing vessel.

These moments and more were all caught on camera by Emmett Malloy, back in 2007.

Malloy edited hours and hours of footage into an hour and a quarter length film.

The final product is a fusion of raw live material, candid commentary (mostly by Jack) and interactions with locals.

This is an absolute must if you are a fan of the White Stripes. If you are indifferent to there music, the film is still worthwhile as a showcase of Canadian culture and the landscape from which it sprung.

Enjoy with large helpings of peppermint candy.

Under Great White Northern Lights