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Stress and exhaustion are a difficult cocktail mix to swallow. Turning off your brain for a full eight hours of sleep may at times seem nearly impossible. The easy answer to this problem may come in the form of a capsule or pill, a small, easily accessible drug to knock you out.

But before you start popping pills to induce sleep, you should be made aware of the possible problems with prescription and non-prescription sleeping aids.

The most serious concern is developing a dependency to an artificial stimulant. The more you use a drug to fall asleep, the more your body will crave that easy answer.

As well, over time, the effectiveness of any drug wears off. This will force you to increase the amount your body needs to achieve the initial results that the pill offered.

Another concern is having prescription or non-prescription drugs lying around your house. Sleep medication can be deadly for children who might mistake the pills for candy. Keeping your pills locked in a medicine cabinet is imperative. If you do not have a safe place to store the drugs then you should not be bringing them into your house.

If you are still planning on using a chemical stimulant to induce sleep there are a few guidelines you should remember:

1. Always follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer or pharmacist.

2. Make sure your doctor and a family member or partner is aware of the drugs you are taking.

3. Never mix sleeping pills with other pills or beverages such as alcohol that slow the nervous system.

4. Never operate machinery or drive a vehicle after taking a sleeping pill.

Finding alternatives to prescription and non-prescription drugs may be the best option for your body and your family. Simple products like chamomile tea have long been known to induce sleep. Reading before bed can also help your mind slow down to a pace that is ready for rest.

Another great option is a quick yoga stretch. Yoga works on both your mind and your body. Prolonged stretches help create a state of relaxation appropriate for sleeping.

But the best alternative is comfort. If you are not comfortable when you lie down after a hard day, then you will never receive the rest you need. A new mattress may be the key ingredient to fixing your sleep anxiety.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we will work with you to find a mattress that provides you with the most amount of natural comfort possible. This will put your body and mind in a state appropriate for extended sleep.

Don’t become dependent on a pill for your rest. Fall asleep on a Simmons with no added side effects and wake up refreshed.


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