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The way you sleep at night may speak volumes about your personality.

This is a theory put forward by Professor Chris Idzikowski, a sleep research specialist for both the US and the European Sleep Research Societies.

Of the many positions you assume in the night, Idzikowski has identified six common poses as being indicative of certain personality traits.

1. The Fetus Position (curled up with your knees towards your chest)

  • Idzikowski found that individuals who would appear tough in public, but had a softer, gentler side beneath the surface normally adopted this position. His research showed that of all the positions available, this position was favoured most by his test subjects.

2. The Log (lying on your side with your arms and legs pointing towards the end of the bed)

  • Individuals who were often easy-going assumed this position. Idzikowski also found that people who lie like logs are often successful in social settings.

3. The Soldier (lying on your back in a pose that looks like a soldier at attention)

  • The ‘soldier’ sleepers were generally found to be quiet and reserved. He also noted that many of these individuals had high standards of themselves and others.

4. The Yearner (lying on your side with your arms straight out and your legs pointed down)

  • These individuals often had firm beliefs that were unlikely to change.

5. The Freefall (lying on your front, arms around your pillow, with your head to one side)

  • Idzikowski found that his subjects who struck this pose would often object to criticism. They were also wary of extreme conditions.

6. Starfish (lying on your back with your arms back behind your head holding the pillow)

  • This was the least common position adopted by Idzikowski’s volunteers. The traits that were similar with these individuals were compassionate listening and an avoidance of attention.

So take this little list and as you and your partner fall asleep on your new Simmons Beautyrest, take a second to see what position they assume. Does their personality it match their pose?

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