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The most romantic day of the year is upon us and Cupid has a message for you: “Flowers, candy and candles may set the mood, but it will be your mattress that supports the passion.”

When the wine is done and you’ve caught a cab back home, the action will inevitably move to the bedroom. Your bed will provide the setting for the evening’s physical activities.

We at Simmons Mattress Gallery want to make sure that you are properly equipped with a mattress suitable for fulfilling your desires.

If you intend to stage your exploits on an older mattress, you are probably neglecting you and your partner’s comfort. Worn coils make for lumpy mattresses. No one wants to lie on lumps and discomfort is an unneeded distraction. We want your head in the game, not focused on the bumps in the bed.

Buying a brand new Simmons mattress ensures comfort.  Our unique non-flip pocket coil design cradles your body’s weight. With an even surface of comfort, you will be able to roll seamlessly from one side of the bed to the other.

As well, old noisy springs are romance killers. They may seem amusing some nights, but really, besides being uncomfortable, they offer an unneeded soundtrack to your intimate moments. You want to be able to express yourself with your voice not a creak.

Finally, for the more advanced frolickers, our mattresses will supply the support needed for any position your imagination can conjure.

We may not be able to light the candles or write you a poetic verse, but we can outfit you with a mattress that will provide the comfort, silence and support needed for your bedroom adventures. Be safe and enjoy your nights on a Simmons from Simmons Mattress Gallery.


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