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Your sleep is our business and if you or your partner is not receiving adequate rest, we want to help.

We would like to think that a new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery would solve all your problems, but sometimes your lack of sleep can be linked to a sleeping disorder that you may or may not be aware of.

One of the most common sleep disorders is ‘bruxism,’ a term used to describe the practice of grinding one’s teeth during sleep. This often genetic disorder regularly goes undiagnosed. The two individuals most likely to inform you of your condition are your sleeping partner or your dentist.

There are many suspected causes for bruxism. The two major ones are stress and or a misaligned bite. Other contributing factors are smoking, heavy drinking and high caffeine intake.

Bruxim can cause morning headaches or earaches from your constant grinding during the night. It can also entice jaw, shoulder and back pain, as your muscles and bones react negatively to the stress.

Your partner may feel one of the most irritating side effects, as the sound of the disorder often acts as a disruption for the person sleeping next to you.

A visit to your family doctor or dentist is recommended.  If not yourself, for your sleep deprived significant other.

Treatments of bruxism may include wearing a mouth guard, but often simple acts like changing your sleeping position, altering your diet to softer foods, reducing the stress in your life or having your partner wake you during your gnashing bouts can help reduce the effects of this disorder.

Our doctors also recommend a possible mattress change. But they are on the payroll.


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