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The White Stripes have released a new documentary chronicling their 2007 Canadian tour.

The film, entitled “Under Great White Northern Lights,” is a mixture of interviews and concert footage and is showing in limited release across Canada.

Meg and Jack White left the comfort of their own beds to travel to every province and territory in our great nation to play small intimate venues in areas where few rock acts venture. As a bonus to their fans, the Stripes played a short free show at each of the cities they stopped in. Locations ranged from a bowling alley to a fishing vessel.

These moments and more were all caught on camera by Emmett Malloy, back in 2007.

Malloy edited hours and hours of footage into an hour and a quarter length film.

The final product is a fusion of raw live material, candid commentary (mostly by Jack) and interactions with locals.

This is an absolute must if you are a fan of the White Stripes. If you are indifferent to there music, the film is still worthwhile as a showcase of Canadian culture and the landscape from which it sprung.

Enjoy with large helpings of peppermint candy.

Under Great White Northern Lights


What does the most stylish man in the world wear to work: the same thing he wears to bed – his blue striped pajamas.

Johnny Depp was recently spotted on the streets of Venice wearing nothing but his nightwear.

Known for his ultra-cool style, the 2009 “People” magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive,’ looked a little out of place in his pjs on the Venetian cobblestones.

Depp was shooting a scene for his new movie “The Tourist,” due out in 2011. The film stars Depp and Angelina Jolie and is directed by Florian Henckel-Donnersmarck, the German director responsible for the Academy Award winning film, “The Lives of Others.”

The scene involved Depp’s character leaping from a balcony onto a produce cart. A stuntman, in matching pajamas, was there to make the fall, but Depp quickly resumed the action once the character’s two feet were firmly on the ground.

The film is a thriller about an American tourist in Italy who has made the trip to divert his attention from a failed romance at home. Depp’s character becomes involved with an Interpol agent, Angelina, who takes an interest in the innocent American.

The two stars are rumoured to have more than one romantic scene in the film. The ladies are probably secretly hoping Depp will be revealing a little more skin than what’s visible under the full-length pajamas.

Your sleep is our business and if you or your partner is not receiving adequate rest, we want to help.

We would like to think that a new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery would solve all your problems, but sometimes your lack of sleep can be linked to a sleeping disorder that you may or may not be aware of.

One of the most common sleep disorders is ‘bruxism,’ a term used to describe the practice of grinding one’s teeth during sleep. This often genetic disorder regularly goes undiagnosed. The two individuals most likely to inform you of your condition are your sleeping partner or your dentist.

There are many suspected causes for bruxism. The two major ones are stress and or a misaligned bite. Other contributing factors are smoking, heavy drinking and high caffeine intake.

Bruxim can cause morning headaches or earaches from your constant grinding during the night. It can also entice jaw, shoulder and back pain, as your muscles and bones react negatively to the stress.

Your partner may feel one of the most irritating side effects, as the sound of the disorder often acts as a disruption for the person sleeping next to you.

A visit to your family doctor or dentist is recommended.  If not yourself, for your sleep deprived significant other.

Treatments of bruxism may include wearing a mouth guard, but often simple acts like changing your sleeping position, altering your diet to softer foods, reducing the stress in your life or having your partner wake you during your gnashing bouts can help reduce the effects of this disorder.

Our doctors also recommend a possible mattress change. But they are on the payroll.

“There are three red bites on your neck and your sheets are spotted with copper marks.

During the day you quiver at the very thought of returning to your bed.

Your friends avoid you and your family stops calling.

The night brings no rest.

Eventually the stress consumes you.

You look for answers from the most unlikely sources.

You’ve heard stories of their carnivorous lifestyle, but doubt their existence.

Has Twilight become reality?

No. There is no denying, you, have bed bugs.”

Bed bugs are now considered an epidemic in Vancouver’s West End. A problem for years in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the bugs have migrated west, proving that expensive cluster living is just as at risk as the poorest housing project.

The bugs have three main methods of travel. The first, and most common method is through luggage or daypacks. The bag may be dropped for a few minutes or stored for a few days in an infected area. When the article moves, the bugs move with it. This is easily done at a hotel, where unsuspecting guests leave their luggage open. The bugs are attracted by the human scent and dead skin. They make their way into the bag and are eventually transported to another location.

The second method is through clothing and or bedding. The bugs do not live on humans like lice; they prefer to make their homes away from the host. They establish themselves in an area and then return to the body to feed.

The last method of travel is through wiring. The bugs can move through apartment complexes using the electrical wires that connect each unit. Shockingly, they can also follow the wires outside to a neighbouring complex.

While the bugs do feed on the blood of humans, they are not considered a health risk and are incapable of spreading disease. They do, however, propose a danger for people living with immune deficiency. Early detection is key. Here is what to look for:

1. Bed Bugs (the actual insect) – oval shaped, with a flattened red body the size of a lady bug

2. Dark Spots on your sheets

3. Copper Stains on your mattress or bedding

4. Bite marks that come in threes

Once infected, you can try and contain the problem yourself, but your best option is to hire a professional. Vancouver Bed Bug Control Inc. is one of the companies working in Vancouver that specializes in bed bug removal. In the past they used beagles to sniff out the unwanted insects for early detection, but they have now switched to a cimex case baited with human pheromone.

If you are set on doing the work yourself, make sure you have a powerful vacuum, the tools to dismantle your furniture, and the will to throw away infected items such as children’s toys and pillows. Start with the vacuuming, then wash all your clothes and bedding, then vacuum again, inspect all your furniture, vacuum again and then use a spray product on areas that you have discovered to be infected. Then vacuum again. Good luck.

If you are renting, the fees surrounding the treatment of these pests may be subsidized or paid in full by your landlord.

If you are merely concerned about infection, here are some preventative measures you can take:

1. Inspect your luggage after a trip abroad before bringing it into your house.

2. Do not drop your day bag on the floor or furniture of another residence.

3. Do not buy second hand furniture or mattresses.

4. Repair holes or cracks in your drywall.

5. Purchase a bed bug mattress cover package that includes a box spring cover, a mattress cover and multiple pillow covers.

Vampires may only exist in teenage-romance novels, but bed bugs are very real. Stay informed. Here are some helpful websites:

The Bed Bug Registry

Health Link BC

Vancouver Bed Bug Control

For complete peace of mind, consider purchasing a brand new mattress set from Simmons Mattress Gallery. We can outfit you with all the components you need to start fresh. Come stop by our locations in Vancouver, Victoria, or Coquitlam. Or visit us online at

The mattress event of the year is taking place right now as Simmons Mattress Gallery hosts its first and last “Clearance Sale.” All mattresses are being reduced by 60%. Every design, every product, the entire store is being given a clearance price. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Our complete collection is available to you. Our entire Beautyrest line, our ComforPedic memory foam beds, our power foundations, it is all being sold at 60% off.

You could upgrade every bed in your house for next to nothing. The master bedroom, the kids’ rooms, the guest room, they can all be re-equipped with Simmons signature mattresses.

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity and head down to our Blanshard location today. This is a mattress sale like no other, and it won’t ever happen again.

In Victoria: 3510 Blanshard Street

Other Simmons Mattress Gallery locations:

1001 West Broadway, Vancouver

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Simmons Mattress Gallery in Victoria, is closing its doors for good. But before we board everything up, we are having a massive closeout sale. Every product in the store is being sold at 70% off. This is an unbelievable offer for anyone interested in purchasing a new mattress.

Products like our Beauty Rest, World Class mattress, are being sold at a huge reduction. These mattresses offer excellent motion separation with our patented evolution, Non-Flip® pocket coils. They are also built with a triple edge support system for the outer rim of your mattress. The World Class model is finished with a luxurious top of natural fibres to give you a plush sleeping surface.

Even our top Beauty Rest line, Exceptionale, is being reduced to clear. This line of mattresses includes two story, coil on coil construction, for unprecedented support. The Exceptionale line also has a 360° foam encasement, that heightens the sleeping comfort at the edge of your bed.

The Exceptionale Series

There is nothing comparable to an undisturbed, ultra-comfort sleep on a Simmons mattress. And with 70% off, this is the time to buy one. We are looking forward to showing you all of the Simmons possibilities when you visit us. So hurry, this sale won’t last long.

Simmons Mattress Gallery Locations near you:

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